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Court Room


A single subscription is $185/year beginning the date of your subscription. Discounts are available for multiple subscriptions from the same entity.  Subscriptions provide access to both publications which are updated periodically throughout the year.  These publications are no longer available in print due to the significant increases in printing and shipping expenses. 


Single Subscription: $185/year

For the next 2 to 4 subscriptions: $145.00 each/year
For the rest: $110 each/year

For example:

Three (3) subscriptions purchased for the same firm/entity (as determined by email domain, e.g. would be $475/year. Five (5) subscriptions would cost $730/year.  Ten (10) subscriptions would cost $1,280/year.


1st Subscription:   $185

2nd Subscription: $145

3rd Subscription: $145      

4th Subscription: $145

5th Subscription: $110

A valid email and mobile phone number will be required to login (initially). Thereafter, a passcode is sent to the mobile device to login. 

Free email accounts, e.g.,, hotmail,com,, etc, are limited to purchasing a single seat license. 


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